"Thank you so much for responding finally you are the only person that has said a word, I mean listened to me, GOD BLESS YOU."

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Thank you soooo much for the assistance I really appreciate the help
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The American Resources organization has been an invaluable asset , particularly for those who have never had to utilize government or other assistance programs. First ,they make you aware that the programs exist, and then provide valuable links to the government or other sites that offer assistance to those that find themselves in situations that were not caused by actions of their own. Once in contact with said organizations, I have experienced a breakdown in communications from being approved and then the local organizations they deal with, but with persistence and perhaps a bit of luck in having a representative that that will take the extra effort to assure that connection with the local providers, or just keep trying until you do. The AHR has been a wealth of information for me- I was unawares that such programs existed, much less that I was eligible for them. AHR has truly been a blessing and I am grateful for their efforts to help, and amazed at the resources that are out there to offer help and assistance
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Thank you so much for this information. I will definitely look into some of the sites that you provided. It's nice to know that there are still people willing to help others again Thank you
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