First Time Home Buyers Program

First Time Home Buyers Program

Their Home Buyers Program is available at all HOPE inside locations and provides significant advantages to low-wealth home buyers...


Name: First Time Home Buyers Program
Provided By: Operation Hope
Number: 1


The Operation HOPE Home Buyers Program is designed specifically for low-wealth individuals who ordinarily would find homeownership difficult, if not impossible. HOPE helps their clients get the funding they need to own a home without resorting to sub-prime loans.

Some Advantages Include:

  • Loan products from FDIC-insured financial institutions
  • FHA loan Programs
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • Teams of professional realtors committed to working with our clients
  • First-time home-buying programs designed for those with low or moderate income
  • The counsleing program helps clients overcome a variety of barriers to homeownership, including bad credit,lack of down payment, existing debt, and money management issues.

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