The Best Things to Buy In March

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Every month has it’s discounted items and March is no different. It’s the beginning of Spring and many stores are either clearing out winter items or going through a lull between the holiday season and summer. That means you can find great price cuts on the following items:
  • Frozen Food. Amongst other things, March is National Frozen Food Month. Manufacturers and grocery stores give coupons that can save you quite a bit of money.
  • Winter Sports Equipment & Clothes. Stores are making room for spring and summer styles, so you can find deep discounts on almost any winter item.
  • Luggage. Because there isn’t much travel happening this month, luggage prices are much less expensive than usual.
  • Cleaning Products. As we enter Spring, many are preparing to do their spring cleaning, so you’ll be able to find deals on supplies.
  • Vacuum Cleaners. One of the best cleaning supplies deals you’ll find is on vacuum cleaners.
  • Children’s Dresses and Suits. Getting a head start on Easter clothes will help you save. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of these discounts if you have weddings coming up in the spring.
  • Children’s Books. March is also National Reading Month so most bookstores have discounts on children’s books to encourage reading.
  • In-Season Produce. Entering into Spring, you’ll see lower prices on the following produce:
    • Artichokes
    • Arugula
    • Asparagus
    • Avocado
    • Beets
    • Berries
    • Bok choy
    • Broccoli
    • Cabbage
    • Carrots
    • Citrus
    • Lettuce
    • Mangoes
    • Onions
    • Peas
    • Potatoes
    • Spinach
Since it is the beginning of Spring, avoid buying Spring related items and clothing. They will cost more because they are just hitting stores. Wait until mid-April to start seeing lower prices.

By Alecia Stanton of American Hope Resources
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