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One of the best ways to save money is by using coupons. There are coupons that will get you large discounts, but even coupons with smaller price cuts are useful when buying multiple things. There a quite a few places to find coupons, but the best places are ones with the best coupons for the best value. These are some of them:
Store email lists and online ads. Stores send out exclusive deals if you sign up for their email list. They also post their weekly ads on their websites for customers that may not get coupons in the mail.
Coupon websites. There are quite a few websites like Red Plum and Coupons.com that list coupons for groceries, household items, and more. The Coupon Divas database will even tell you the value and expiration date of each coupon in a way that’s easy to read.
The Sunday paper. Newspapers have had coupons for quite a quite a while. They are still one of the best places to find them and you can clip them without needing a printer or even a computer. You can subscribe for Sunday delivery or pick one up at most grocery or convenience stores.
In store “blinkie machines” with pullable coupons. Most people ignore the little red or black in the store aisles with coupons sticking out of them. However, they usually have pretty good deals that you can use immediately.
Facebook. This may be a surprise but lots of stores and manufacturers post coupons for people that “like” or follow their facebook page. Often, you won’t be able to find these deals on their websites or in-stores.
These aren’t the only places to find coupons, of course, but they are more reliable and will save you the most money. Use all of them to get the most value.


By Alecia Stanton of American Hope Resources
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