Great Inexpensive Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your love to someone special and show them how much they mean to you. Typically, couples celebrate with flowers, chocolate, gifts, and nice dinner. However, these Valentine’s Day dates end up being pretty expensive. Luckily, being low on funds doesn’t have to exclude you from the fun; it actually gives you a great chance to get creative and plan something different. Don’t worry if creativity isn’t your strong suit though; we’ve got some ideas for you.
Go Ice Skating
Expenses: Skate rentals (optional: hot cocoa)
Cost: Roughly $30
Why it’s Works: Getting bundled up and skating around the rink, hand in hand with your date, is so romantic that they put it in movies. You don’t have to be great at ice skating either; which could make things more entertaining.
Be At Their Service
Expenses: It’s up to you
Cost: Varied
Why it’s Works: This date idea is great because you get to control how much money to put into it and your date gets to feel like a queen or king for the night. You can include a massage, bubble bath, wine, dinner - whatever you think will make your love happy.
Go to An Arcade
Expenses: Games, drinks, food
Cost: $10 - $30
Why it’s Works: Playing arcade games with your partner can be just as romantic as any candlelit dinner. Add food and drinks, and they’re sure to have a good time. 
Go Beer or Wine Tasting
Expenses: Price of admission
Cost: Free to $50
Why it’s Works: Instead of one bottle of wine or case of beer, you can take your date to try a variety. You may even have money left over to buy a bottle of their favorite.
Go to a Local Show
Expenses: Price of admission
Cost: Free to $50
Why it’s Works: Local shows give you great live entertainment for much less than the cost of a concert ticket. Many bars, comedy clubs, and showrooms will probably have Valentine’s Day shows happening so you will have some options.
Sing Karaoke
Expenses: Food and drinks
Cost: $10 - $30
Why it’s Works: This is a fun spin on dinner and a show. You can pay much less for food and drink at a karaoke bar than you would pay at a restaurant and the entertainment is free.
Dinner & A Movie (At Home)
Expenses: Food and wine
Cost: Varied
Why it’s Works: If you cook them dinner and pick a movie you know they love, it can be even more romantic than going out. 
Go to A Museum 
Expenses: Price of admission
Cost: Free to $50
Why It’s Works: This might sound like a boring idea, but there is just something romantic about museums. Plus it’s a great reason to get dressed up.
Revisit Meaningful Place
Expenses: Varies
Cost: Varies
Why it’s Works: Taking your date on a tour of all of the places that are special to the two of you is sure to bring them to (happy) tears. To make it extra special, make it a scavenger hunt with a sentimental gift at the end.
Cook Together
Expenses: Ingredients and wine
Cost: Varies
Why it’s Works: A Valentine’s Day dinner is less expensive are more fun if you make it together. Doing things together like cooking is one of the foundations of a strong, healthy relationship. For added fun, you can turn it into a cooking competition.
You can mix and match these ideas and still have an inexpensive Valentine’s Day date that you both enjoy. Remember that the most important thing is that you and your valentine get to spend quality time together, and there’s no price tag on that.

By Alecia Stanton of American Hope Resources
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