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If owning your own home is one of your dreams, you’re in good company - it’s one of the most common goals in our society. But positioning yourself to buy a home isn’t always easy. Bad credit and a low income are just two obstacles that can create a barrier between you and your first home - but they don’t have to. First-time homebuyer programs make it possible for those that may not be in the perfect position to buy a home, to do so. These three first-time buyer programs are definitely worth checking out.
The Department of Veterans Affairs
The VA seeks to help veterans and their families in many facets of their life, including housing. They are known for some of the best housing loans that often require no down payment or mortgage insurance. You can find more information on the VA Home Loans page here: 
Fannie Mae
This mortgage financer is known for working to make homes affordable. They have a program called Home Ready that is specifically meant for potential buyers that are having a hard time getting a home due to their financial circumstances. They also have a tool called Home Path that lets you search for foreclosed homes, which are less expensive than other homes.
Operation HOPE
Operation HOPE seeks to financially empower “low-wealth” individuals through various channels, including the first-time homebuyer program. Participants first complete a Home Buyer’s Workshop and then are guided to homebuying assistance options that best fit their circumstances. They have chapters across the nation, which you can find here.
The above programs are nationwide, but many states and counties have their own first-time homebuyer programs. You can search online or contact your local public housing authority for more programs near you.

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By Alecia Stanton of American Hope Resources

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