How to Get Low-Income Mental Health Care

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Mental health care can be costly, yet when you need it, you need it. There are ways for you to be able to get access to this care without breaking the bank. Here are some ways for you to get the help that you need:


Try Discussing the Cost

You’re not the only one who’s in this situation. People should feel comfortable when they have to discuss this topic with their providers. Don’t be guarded when you refer to your insurance. Be up front about it. “This is what I have, and what happens if I can’t afford this?” They’ll be happy to help you out.


Don’t Take No For An Answer

When you’re talking with your therapist to see if you can get a lowered rate, don’t simply settle with the situation they may present you with. Just because one place works a certain way, it doesn’t mean the others all follow suit. The willingness of an institution to provide lowered rates is not universal - you just have to look for the right place.


Find Generic Prescriptions

In the event that you do seek out mental health help and you require medication, you might find that it’s rather expensive to regularly fill out your prescription. Generic drugs serve as a cheap alternative to name-brand medications. However, not all medications have a generic alternative. Check with your doctor to see if one is available that works for you.


Federally Funded Health Centers

Federally funded health centers can be a good resource for those without health insurance - or if you’re on a limited budget. You pay only what you can afford, and it’s based on your income. Many of these centers offer mental health services, so look for centers in your area and see what kind of aid they may offer.



It’s possible, if you’re a low-income US citizen, that you’re eligible for Medicaid. This includes mental health treatment costs, but the services vary by state. Additionally, if you’re age 65 or older, you might be eligible for Medicare, which expands its services to include prescription drug coverage.

These are just a few of the ways you can obtain mental health care - even if you think you can’t afford it. It’s a necessary expenditure, but it doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Systems are in place to ensure that every single person can get the help they need, no matter what their financial standing is.

By: Tim Milles

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