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‘Tis the season for giving! However, giving does take a good amount of money, especially when it comes to the little ones. The holiday season doesn’t have to be too expensive, however. Here are some ways you can get toys this year for little or no cost.


Toys for Tots

Each year, Toys for Tots collects and donates toys to children of families in need. The organization partners with various toy stores, such as Toys R Us, to make toy donations to children. The campaigns vary, but most give toys and gifts to children up to age 12, sometimes stretching to 14-16 years old. You can apply here for free Christmas toys for your child.


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army supports a nationwide drive to provide gifts and toys to low-income families. This is to ensure that every family is entitled to a smile on their faces every holiday season. Parents need to register their child each year, and their holiday wish is hung on trees outside of department stores, after which donors choose a child’s name and purchase a toy for that child. You can register for this holiday season here.


Make a Wish

Make a Wish is an organization specifically for children with life-threatening illnesses. It helps children all year, so if you have a sick child with a special wish, you can contact Make a Wish and they may be able to make it happen. They serve children from the ages of 2-18. You can put in a request here.


Local Church Charities

Many large churches organize Christmas toy programs for children. Visit your local church to see what they have to offer. Many people find themselves in the same situation as you may be in, and organizations such as these are more than happy to help people have a wonderful holiday season.


Shop Online

While retail stores often tend to run out of stock or inflate prices during the holidays, online retailers such as Amazon offer low prices, full inventory, and fast and free shipping for pretty much any item imaginable. Ditch the crowds and lines and have affordable toys shipped right to your door.

These are just a few of the ways you can get affordable toys for the kids in your life. Whether you simply can’t afford toys this year or you’re looking for the best deals, these methods will serve you well.

By: Tim Milles

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