How to Find Housing With an Eviction on Your Record

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Securing housing after having an eviction on your record can prove to be quite the challenge. Landlords may be afraid to rent to you, fearing you’ll violate the terms of their lease. However, it’s not impossible to find great housing, even with these conditions. Here’s how to find housing after receiving an eviction notice:
Talk to Your Previous Landlord
Upon being evicted from your house, your landlord will put a notice on your record indicating you’ve received an eviction. Try talking to your landlord after to try and make amends. It’s possible that he or she will remove the notice from your record. After that, it’ll be easier for you to attain future housing.
Look for Specific Apartments
There are apartments that don’t require tenants to undergo background checks before renting. Background checks often include eviction proceedings,so before you pay any rental application fees, ask the landlord or leasing agent if a background check is required; to potentially save yourself the time and money.
Rebuild Your Credit
Rebuild your credit if a credit check is required. Pay all of your bills on time and cut down on spending, and make sure you lower your outstanding debt. If you’re unsure of your current credit status, many websites offer free reports and services for you check your credit, with no strings attached.
Use a Locator Service
Try using an apartment locator or brokerage service. These will take your current situation under consideration when finding you the apartment that’s best suited to your needs. Make sure you have the funds required for the associated fees before you start using the service.
Explain Yourself
Make sure you have an explanation for the eviction that’s on your record when you talk to prospective landlords. Some landlords will accept people with an eviction on their record as long as they have a legitimate reason for it. You can also use techniques, such as a willingness to pay a higher security deposit, to win them over.
An eviction can be devastating to have on your record, but it isn’t the end of the world. And, hopefully some of these ways to get housing will be beneficial. Utilize these tips and tricks to get yourself safe and secure housing as soon as possible.

By: Tim Milles

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