How to Get Low Cost Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are a costly necessity. Their price can easily surpass $1,000 per ear. When your sense of hearing begins to go, however, you have no other option. Here are some ways you can save big on the help that you need.
Financial Assistance
There are financial assistance programs available for low income people from all kinds of demographics. If you have a healthcare provider, be sure to check with them first to see if they have any hearing aid coverage available. If they don’t, then state assistive programs will help those who are eligible.
Hearing Aid Banks
Local assistance programs in your area may offer hearing aid banks. These are clinics that offer hearing aids to financially burdened people on a sliding price scale based on income. These also feature access to technology loan programs, as well as assistance programs for children with disabilities.
In some states, people with low income might qualify for hearing aids through Medicaid. People with higher income may temporarily qualify for assistance with medical expenses. Request an appointment to determine your eligibility for Medicaid By looking in the Government section of the telephone book under County Social Services.
Shop Online
Online retailers are able to sell hearing aids at reduced rates when compared to private retailers. This is because private retailers tack on additional fees involving distribution behind the scenes. Online retailers, however, are able to circumvent these fees - the savings, then, are passed on to you.
Hopefully you’ll be able to utilize some of these resources to obtain the assistance you need. These measures are set in place to ensure that everyone has convenient access to hearing aids, no matter what financial background you may come from.

By Tim Milles

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