Three Government Programs That Could Help You Get Into An Apartment

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When you have less than stellar credit, a low income, or an eviction on your record renting an apartment can prove to be a struggle. There are charities and nonprofits that may be able to help but they often have limited funds or have run out altogether. But there’s another place to turn for help: the government. 
The U.S government runs housing programs through the  U.S Department of Housing & Urban Development, or HUD. This department provides assistance for both buyers and renters. They also provide information on any housing related questions you may have.
In HUD’s first program, they enable rental properties to offer low income tenants a reduced rent amount. They do this by providing incentives to the owners of these properties. Potential tenants that would like to receive this assistance apply through the rental properties management office. You can find privately owned subsidized housing near you using HUD's Low Rent Apartment Search.
Public housing program run by HUD, managed by regional Public Housing Authorities (or PHA’s). Public housing is affordable apartment properties for low income families as well as elderly and disabled individuals. Unlike privately owned subsidized housing, public housing is owned and operated by the local PHA. To find out about eligibility and availability, contact your local PHA, which you can find on HUD’s PHA Contact Information page.
Housing Choice Vouchers, HUD’s third housing program, also takes applications through regional PHA’s. Better known as Section 8, these vouchers allows low income families choose their own apartment and the PHA pays all or a part of their rent. You can also find out about eligibility and availability through your local PHA. Unfortunately, there tends to be fairly long waitlists for this type of assistance so this option will require patience and flexibility,
Don’t be afraid to use this assistance if you are having a hard time getting into an apartment. Remember to apply as soon as possible. After applying, continue to check out additional programs so that you’ll have a backup plan or additional assistance.

By: Alecia Stanton

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