Preserving Your Marriage During Financial Hardship

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When the going gets tough, it is only natural for relationships to be affected.  Especially during financial hardship, a couple’s marriage may start to deteriorate as emotions and economic stress become a burden and detrimental to the relationship.  Here are some ways to rebuild the relationship with your partner so that you can fight for your marriage in order to combat your financial issues together as a team.
Confront the problem
Before you can combat an issue, you need to admit that there is one.  Sometimes couples shy away from admitting that their relationship is at strain and think that avoiding it will make the problem go away.  But often times, this only creates disconnect and allows for the issue to grow.  It is okay to admit that your relationship is not what it should be because of financial stress, and being open and honest with your partner only reaffirms the importance of your relationship.  Decide to have serious conversation and to fight for your marriage, because talking it through is the first step to fixing the problem.
Fight the problem, not each other
When talking through your issues, it is important to attack your problems, not each other.  Do not spend time blaming each other for your current financial situation.  You cannot take back what you say or what has happened in the past, so focus on the issue at hand and your future.  Work as a team, and decide to commit to mending your relationship to become a stronger force against your economic hardship.  Focus on loving and being there for each other and that no matter what happens financially, the important thing is that you have each other.  In fact, doing this will change your mindset and create positivity within the relationship, which will make facing your financial issues easier. 
Plan for the future 
Create a plan for the future so that you do not fall into the same economic hardship and develop relationship issues ever again.  As a team, you can now work together and think clearer to find solutions to your financial crisis. You can now communicate as partners and understand what went wrong, and therefore formulate a solution to your current problems and prevent any future ones from happening. Focus to work to keep your finances in order and as a result, your relationship with your partner will rebuild, become stronger, and will no longer become strained due to financial stress.
Have some fun
During financially hard times, often couples forget to have fun.  It can be because their relationship is on the line, they are too focused and stressed about their economic issues and feel they have no time or cannot enjoy their life until this is resolved, or because they simply cannot afford it.  When money is tight, it is even more important to take the time to enjoy and spend time with your partner. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive like taking a vacation to the Bahamas.  You can simply go to the movies, have a date night, take a walk, or play a board game.  Anything to laugh and to spend some time enjoying each other’s company without thinking or talking about your financial struggle.  You’ll feel better, connect with your spouse, and remember to live your life and have fun regardless of the finances.
For richer or for poorer, you and your spouse are in it together.  When financial hardship puts a strain on your marriage, it is important to fight for the relationship in order to combat your issues together as partners.  You have vowed to be there for each other through thick and thin, and if you focus on your commitment to each other, your economic downfall will only be a small bump within your relationship.

By: Chantal Bishara

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