How to Find Free Bedroom Furniture

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Bedroom furniture is almost always expensive. One piece can sometimes cost a full check. Thankfully, there is free furniture available, if you know where to look. Of course, asking friends and family is always a great place to start. However, if that doesn’t yield results, try some of these:

Furniture Banks

Furniture banks offer free and low cost (gently used) furniture to those in need. Most big cities have locally run furniture banks and The Furniture Bank Association of North America has a listing of furniture banks across the country. You can find them at


While Craigslist is notorious for buying and selling things cheaply, you can also sometimes find things for free. Just search for bedroom furniture and sort the results from lowest to highest price. Also, look for “Everything Must Go” sales, as they are more desperate to get rid of their pieces.


This website was created specifically for finding and giving away free items. Simply visit and search enter your city and state or zip code to find your areas freecyle page. You can look for people giving away furniture, laptops, clothes and more.

Salvation Army Free Furniture Voucher

The Salvation Army provides furniture vouchers to those in need. Visit your nearest Salvation Army to ask them for one. If you don’t know where the closest Salvation Army is, you can check their website (

Yard Sales

Check out yard sales at the end of the day to get deals on the furniture they have left over. If they really need to get rid of it, they’ll work with you. For a better chance, it may be smart to bring a bit of money. 

Curbside Furniture

We’ve all seen the furniture on the curb with “Take Me” signs. Take advantage of these invitations when you see them. Just make sure to check that it doesn’t have any serious problems like moisture or bugs. If you go this route, night stands and drawers would be a better bet than mattresses.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Swap & Sell groups have recently become popular. At least one of your facebook friends is probably a member of your local Swap & Sell group so finding one shouldn’t be hard. Often, you can find people giving away bedroom furniture and asking for nothing in return.
Regardless of where you find free bedroom furniture, be sure that it is sturdy enough for use and free of critters. Cleaning all pieces of bedroom furniture before use is also a good idea.

By: Alecia Stanton
*Originally posted May 3rd, 2016

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