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Finding a car, gas money, vehicle repairs, etc. can get pricey. Below is a list of different resources to make transportation easier and less of a financial burden. 
1-800-Charity Cars
If you’re in need of a car but cannot afford one, check out 1-800-Charity Cars.  This organization provides donated vehicles to financially struggling people in need of transportation. Charity Cars can provide you with a vehicle that has been refurbished, may even provide a license plate, down payment to pay for insurance bills, a service warranty, & more!
To check your eligibility & apply, visit or call 1-800-242-7489
Online Car Donation
Online car donation provides families in need with free vehicles.  To apply for a car, you must simply fill out your name, state, and explain your vehicle needs and situation.  
St. Vincent de Paul Church/financial assistance
St. Vincent de Paul Church aid may be able to help you in paying for gas, car repairs, and more! Assistance is most always offered regardless of a persons religion.  For more information visit:  
or contact the parish office at: 262-691-1173
Free Gas USA, Inc.
Free Gas USA, Inc. provides grants that can be used for free gasoline for low-income, elderly, disabled Americans, etc.  
To check your eligibility and apply, visit:
*NOTE: Free Gas USA, Inc. has made some changes to the grant application procedures. Gasoline grant candidates are now required to have your Pastor, Case Manager or Social Worker verify your income status, proof of insurance and vehicle ownership before submitting your application. In the Referral Letter, your Pastor, Case Manager or Social Worker must state that they have reviewed the information provided, and support the submittal of your application.
Working Cars for Working Families
This national agency provides used cars and auto repairs to low-income individuals or families, in need of a car for employment and/or job training issues.  To apply and check your eligibility, visit:
The Salvation Army
Free gasoline, bus tickets, & vouchers! Contact your local Salvation Army to see which ways they may provide transportation help to you.
Opportunity Cars
Opportunity Cars connects you with over 150+ organizations that can help low-income families get a car, aid them with payments/car bills, etc.
To see what charities can provide for you, visit their directory:
Ways to Work
This organization provides people with low interest rate auto loans, aiding families and individuals who can't secure loan funding or cash grants at traditional lending institutions or banks. Loans can help a family or individual purchase a new or used car, pay for car repairs and maintenance, and it can assist with other transportation expenses, etc.
For more information on resources, check out:

By: Chantal Bishara

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