Top 5 Places to Find A Room For Rent

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Renting a room has become an increasingly popular option as apartments become less and less affordable. It’s also become more common for homeowners to rent rooms out to bring in extra money. This popularity also makes easier than ever to find rooms to rent. These are the five most popular ways. 
Friends and Family
The best way to start your search is by asking your friends and family if they are renting out a room or know someone that is. Not only could this yield results quickly but the chances that you’ll be living with someone you know is much higher.
Roommate Finder Websites
There is a growing number of websites dedicated to helping people find roommates and rooms for rent. Some of the best known ones are and  These websites will allow you to search by location and rent price so you won’t waste your time searching for rooms you don’t need to see.
As most know, Craigslist is a great place to find almost anything, including a room. However, take extra precaution when moving in with someone on Craigslist. Check out the home and have  agreement written out and signed by both parties before you hand over any money. They may want to run a background check on you, and it won’t hurt to run one on them as well.
Trulia is a well-known website for finding apartments and homes but many don’t know that they also list rooms for rent. What makes Trulia special is that you can search for pet-friendly rooms so that you know ahead of time that it will be okay to bring your pet.
Facebook offers an extended network to search through when looking for a room to rent. Not only do you have friends and family available but all of their friends and family as well! This also makes it easier to verify that the person you are renting a room from is safe.
Wherever you look, make sure that anyone you are considering renting a room from are safe to live with and not running a scam. If you know someone who knows them or has rented a room from them, ask about their experience. Also, try to be the best renter you can while occupying a room so that you can use them as a reference when you move on.

Alecia Stanton

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