5 Best Ways to Improve Your Job Search

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Job searching is tedious for almost everyone. When you feel like you’re doing everything you can but still not getting hired, you may wonder what else you could possibly do. Try out these 5 tips to jumpstart your search.

1. Clean Up Your Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media has become a part of everyday life. 

2. Network

Networking is included in every job tip list for a reason: it works and it works well! Networking is more than just letting everyone you come across know that you are looking for a job, though you may want to do that as well. It’s about creating and maintaining connections. Show interest in your connections beyond what they can do for you.

3. Review Your Resume

Can you scan your resume in 15 seconds and identify what  value you can add to a company? Are there spelling or grammar mistakes? These are the types of things you want to look for when you look over your resume. Make sure that it is clear and concise.

4. Use a Professional Sounding Email Address

Make sure that your email address reflects professionalism. Avoid cutesy or offensive usernames. Email addresses like sexybunny20@gmail.com or greatestgrandma@yahoo.com  aren’t your best bet. It’s best to stick with using your name. 

5. Find Free or Low Cost Job Training

You can find job training programs at junior colleges and adult schools for a relatively small amount of money. There are also websites like Alison.com and  Udemy.com that offer free and inexpensive classes and certification courses for almost anything you can imagine. Learn skills you can add to your resume or get certified for a whole new career!

 It’s easy to feel hopeless when you are searching for a job, but don’t give up. There are always new methods and tricks you can try. If what you’re doing isn’t helping you find a new job, consider something else.


By: Alecia Stanton


Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Hardship Victims. Join the AHR Community for FREE!

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