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What can you do with your account?

Make Friends

Make new friends and connect with old ones. You can find people just like you to help guide you and comfort you.

Join Groups

Join groups and participate in discussions with Hardship Victims like you. Groups can be people near you or around the world.

Attend Events

Attend events and make plans with friends near you. Anyone can post an event. You can decide who is invited and who is not.

Share Photos

Share photos and other content with your friends and groups. Control your privacy settings to decide who gets to see your photos.

Stay Up to Date

Stay up to date on the latest news, blogs, articles, and discussions surrounding all aspects of life for Hardship Victims.

Get Resources

Access useful and exclusive Third Party Programs geared specifically toward Hardship Victims. All resources and Third Party Programs are provided free of charge and are offered to help you.


What type of resources are available?

As soon as you are a member of AHR, you are now eligible to receive exclusive member ONLY Third Party Programs. These Third Party Programs are meant to help you & your family stay protected and save money. Taking advantage this opportunity to claim your exclusive Hardship Victims Third Party Programs may be in your best interest in regards to improving the quality of this time in your family’s lives. The AHR Team is dedicated to bringing fresh new Third Party Programs available to you and your family and real protection opportunities every day. On a daily basis the team's best efforts are applied to finding the most exclusive Third Party Programs that offer the most value to our members.


Who is eligible?

American Hope Resources (AHR) is an organization that aims to empower Hardship Victims and their growing families to connect with other Hardship Victims in a completely refreshing & unique way socially. They may also find opportunities and information on how to increase their household incomes, receive Third Party Programs for their children and themselves, along with many other Third Party Programs exclusive to our members. AHR is available for all Hardship Victims, male or female.

AHR campaigns to achieve equality of opportunities for Hardship Victims across the nation regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender, or religion. AHR is concerned with promoting the welfare and social and economic development of hardship victims and their households. These eligibility requirements are simple:

  • You MUST be Experiencing Financial Hardship
  • You MUST be a Resident of the United States

If you meet these requirements, don’t hesitate to get your membership started with American Hope Resources so that you can begin to utilize all the wonderful Third Party Programs that come with being a member.


What our members are saying:

 Thank you so much for actually responding. I didn't expect to get a response and it really meant a lot that you did. Glad there are still good people in this world who actually care about humanity. :) Thanks for all the resources. Stay blessed. 

AHR Member | Oklahoma City, OK

 Thank you! I love your website it's sooo helpful :) 

AHR Member | Apopka, FL

 Wow I'm 15 weeks and going to deliver our new baby on January 13, 2015. Don't know yet if it is a boy or a girl! I am excited because I can't wait to be a mom! 

AHR Member | Phoenix, AZ

 Thank you for accepting me as a member. I am a single mom, and I would like to receive coupons, discounts, or any other kinds of help because I am currently unemployed. Any information will help, thanks so much. 

AHR Member | Miama, FL

 Thank you Natalie Smith (AHR Member Advocate) you have given me a few (resources) I have not thought of. You have opened my eyes to ways I didn't know about. Once again thank you Natalie Smith, you have given me some kind of hope! 

AHR Member | Shreveport, LA

 Hey I'm letting you guys know how much this is helping me you should really try it out! 

AHR Member | Stone Mountain, GA

 Natalie Smith (AHR Member Advocate) you are the bomb. Busy busy worker bee. This world needs more of you. You are amazong. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU so much for being a helper. You are what makes pushing forward every day possible. You give me hope on there being good people still out there among us. Keep it up girl. 

AHR Member | Houston, TX

About Us

About AHR:

American Hope Resources (AHR)

AHR is a new way for hardship sufferers like yourself to take part in an online community with like-minded people going through similar struggles. Our aim is to offer both resources and moral support in your time of need. With convenient ways to connect with other hardship sufferers, you’ll also be able to share your experiences, which could help someone else. Share statuses and photos, participate in online communities, connect with local hardship sufferers in your area, and update your friends on your progress as well.

Most importantly, AHR offers information, Third Party Programs, and savings for hardship sufferers across the United States. We are dedicated to supplying knowledge about housing, financial planning, advice, articles, information, and other services that may be beneficial to hardship sufferers. AHR aims to bring information about specialized Third Party Programs including but not limited medical Third Party Programs, discount membership Third Party Programs for important items such as groceries and clothing, as well as further education Third Party Programs.

Membership for AHR is 100% free and confidential. Your AHR membership also connects you to our network of affiliates and businesses. This may include scholarships for school, gift card drawings, coupons, discount cards, and more. All of these Third Party Programs are made available to you as a member of AHR and are completely voluntary.

AHR Membership Third Party Programs

AHR is passionate about the Third Party Programs and experiences that we offer to our members and the lives we touch around the nation. At times we all need a little help, and that is why AHR is driven to constantly seek out and provide additional Third Party Programs for hardship sufferers. We sincerely hope each of our members have only positive experiences on AHR. We encourage you to refer any fellow hardship sufferers you know to join our community as well, so that that they can also benefit from our assistance.